Eversource Warns “Prepare For Winter Now”, Projecting Higher Supply Rates

As 2024 approaches, Eversource customers are bracing themselves for a potential increase in their utility bills. Eversource has recently announced its intention to raise rates come winter, citing various factors that have prompted this decision. This move has generated significant public interest and concern, as it will undoubtedly impact consumers and local businesses alike. Factors […]

When To Replace Your Solar Panels: Signs & Considerations

Solar panels have become a popular and sustainable way to generate clean energy for homes and businesses. However, like any technology, solar panels have a finite lifespan. Knowing when to replace your solar panels is crucial to maintaining optimal energy production and maximizing your investment. Here’s an overview of when you’ll know its time to […]

6 Steps To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Embrace Sustainable Living

As individuals aim to live a sustainable lifestyle, reducing their carbon footprint becomes a leading measure for achieving green living. The carbon footprint represents the total greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide, produced through our daily activities and lifestyle choices. Fortunately, there are several practical steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprints and […]

SAVKAT Named A 2023 Top Solar Contractor

Bristol, CT – July 6th, 2023 —  SAVKAT Solar is proud to announce our recognition for an increased effort to expand the U.S. renewable energy market by taking a top spot on the 2023 Top Solar Contractors List, released by Solar Power World. The Top Solar Contractors List is developed each year by industry magazine Solar […]

SAVKAT Solar’s CEO Steve Salansky On Great Day Connecticut

It’s a Great Day at SAVKAT! On June 6th, Scot Haney from Great Day Connecticut sat down with SAVKAT’s CEO Steve Salansky to discuss commonly asked questions when going solar, the history of SAVKAT, and how homeowners save money when installing solar panels on their homes. Founded in 2017 by Steve Salansky and Liz Karnuk,  […]

4 Things To Consider When Shopping For Energy Rates

When it comes to choosing between shopping for energy rates and installing solar panels, the short term benefits of rate shopping may seem enticing. That said, solar should be one of the rates you consider when aiming to maximize your savings.  There are several nuances to energy rate shopping which may impact your decision between […]

Protect Yourself From Fluctuating Energy Costs

Eversource has recently announced electricity rates will decrease in July 2023, however don’t expect them to stay there. They’ve projected an increase once again in January 2024. Jim Shuckerow, Eversource Energy’s director of electric supply, shared in this article with CT Insider: “We have a winter pricing problem, not a summer pricing problem.” “The (off-shore) […]

SAVKAT Solar Visits Bugbee School, In West Hartford CT

On Thursday, May 25th, SAVKAT Solar attended Bugbee School in West Hartford, CT, to deliver an exciting lesson on the power of solar energy!  Our goal was to ignite the 4th grade class’s curiosity about renewable energy. SAVKAT’s sales trainer Aidan Lambe and sales representative Macayla King, led the dynamic session beginning with a journey […]

Solar Energy – A Bright Investment For Your Home And The Environment

As the global demand for clean, renewable energy sources grows, solar energy has become a popular alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Solar power harnesses the sun’s energy to generate electricity, providing homeowners with an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to their energy needs. In this article, we will explore the multiple benefits of solar energy, […]

SAVKAT Solar Accepts Award From Connecticut Green Bank

Bristol, Connecticut – April 24th, 2023 SAVKAT Solar is honored to have received the “2022 Energy Storage Solutions Early Adopter Award”, presented by Connecticut Green Bank. The Energy Storage Solutions is a program that incentivizes Eversource and UI customers to install batteries in their homes and businesses, helping customers across Connecticut be more secure in the face […]