Related Services

Should additional related work be required to properly install your Solar Energy System, SAVKAT can handle all of it for you.

Removal / Replacement of Existing Panels

If needed, our full team of installation professionals are able to remove solar energy panels on systems of any make, even if we did not do the original installation. We can then replace those with your new SAVKAT® system, or reinstall your existing panels once underlying work is completed.


Installing a new solar energy system on a deteriorated or worn-out roof can sometimes be of no benefit to the customer. That’s why many homeowners find it’s a convenient time to replace their roof while having their system installed. We can help you handle both simultaneously through our partnership with JP Carroll Roofing of Bloomfield, CT. With over 40 years of experience, JP Carroll does most of our roofing jobs because they are the best in the business. As a family-owned company, their commitment to quality and customer service makes them the perfect partner for our team. We can handle all coordination for your new roof and even include the cost into your solar financing.

Tree Trimming & Removal

Our team can handle arranging for tree removal, if required, through our network of trusted tree removal partners.

Ground Mounts

If your roof isn’t optimal for a solar energy system, our team is also highly skilled at installing ground-mounted solar panels on your property.


Our team is capable of performing any special work required as part of your installation, including digging trenching for electrical conduit.

Rafter Upgrades

If the framing of your roof requires it, our team can also repair and upgrade rafters.