SAVKAT Process

SAVKAT’s unwavering goal is to provide our customers with unparalleled customer service. We handle the entire process for you, from the initial solar consultation through activation of your home’s solar system. Unlike some solar companies that handle a portion of the process, passing the consecutive steps to third parties, we handle everything for you. This ensures that down the road, if you ever call in for assistance, you can rest assured that our team will be there to help.

Site Survey & Design

2-3 Weeks
Our first step is a site assessment. After the assessment, our team will design a system that meets your unique needs and get the design ready for any necessary approvals. If additional work is needed—like tree removal or roofing—we will include that in your design as well.




Permitting & Approval

6-10 Weeks

Our team will handle any applications for necessary approvals before we begin the installation of your system. These could include a Homeowners’ Association architectural improvement request, utility interconnection application, or municipality permit request.


1 Day

Once all approvals are obtained, your dedicated Customer Service Representative will provide you with an installation date, introduce you to the install team, and discuss any requirements to begin construction. Timing depends on the project size, number of solar panels, and pitch of your roof.





1-3 Weeks

After your expert installation, we’ll schedule any necessary inspections. These usually include a final municipality inspection and approval from your electrical utility via email or letter. The timing of this step varies by locale and utility provider.

Activation & Closeout

1-3 Weeks

Once Step 4 is complete, we’ll provide instructions on how to turn on your system and set up monitoring. We will then schedule a final meeting with your Customer Service Representative, and discuss processing your available rebates and tax credits.


Customer Service

You’ll have one of our dedicated and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives by your side throughout the whole installation process. Once you make the decision to go solar, your entire project will be managed, scheduled and overseen by our team of customer service professionals. Permitting, scheduling, installation and requesting PTO are all strategically handled for you. 

SAVKAT is committed to making each step as hassle-free as possible by keeping your project on schedule and ensuring we notify you with updates every step of the way.

Related Services

Occasionally, additional work is required to perform a safe and flawless panel installation. Any of these needs will be identified during the site inspection, and SAVKAT and our trusted partners can handle the job. Additional work may include:
Our full team of installation professionals can also perform any solar panel removals or reinstallations—even if we weren’t your original solar power provider.