SAVKAT Contracts Acknowledgement

Effective Date: September 20, 2019
By using our Site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following terms:

You must be the owner of the home / property in order to install solar.

Once you submit your $97 project deposit, you will be contacted via phone and/or email by SAVKAT to schedule an initial Site Survey that will determine the viability of your solar project. Viability depends on but is not limited to roof structure, sun exposure, and main service panel condition.

Just because you select a lease, finance, or purchase option on our “ORDER NOW” page does not mean that you qualify for a solar system with SAVKAT. Upon Site Survey we will determine the viability of your solar project. If your residential solar project is not viable, your deposit will be refunded in full.

During Site Survey, you may decide that you want more or less panels than orginially anticipated in the SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE options. You may upgrade, downgrade, or change your project at the time of Site Survey. There will be corresponding costs which will be discussed at that time and fully disclosed to you before signing a Change Order.

Shading of your project will determine your energy output and energy production. SAVKAT does not guarentee any production of your system until after a Site Survey and shade analysis is performed. SAVKAT will run an Aurora Shade Report to determine your location’s viable sun exposure and the best placement for your solar system on your roof at the time of Site Survey.

Additionally, 3 days after submitting your online deposit you will be required to submit a credit check and sign the contract of your agreed upon Solar Installation.