SAVKAT Solar Visits Bugbee School, In West Hartford CT

May 30, 2023

On Thursday, May 25th, SAVKAT Solar attended Bugbee School in West Hartford, CT, to deliver an exciting lesson on the power of solar energy!  Our goal was to ignite the 4th grade class’s curiosity about renewable energy.

SAVKAT’s sales trainer Aidan Lambe and sales representative Macayla King, led the dynamic session beginning with a journey into the core of electricity production. They navigated through the different types of energy sources, from fossil fuels to electricity, and of course solar power. Students actively engaged as we explored the process of how energy is made and utilized today.
The group didn’t shy away from addressing toll traditional energy production takes on our environment. They talked about pollution, carbon footprints, the repercussions of burning fossil fuels, and the need for a shift in our power sources to safeguard the environment for their future.
Next, they moved on to exploring solar cells, explaining in simple terms how these devices harness light and transform it into usable electricity. This discussion extended to other sources of renewable energy as well, including wind and hydro, highlighting the unique benefits each one offers in our journey toward a cleaner, greener future.
They concluded the lesson with a fun, interactive quiz. Everyone actively participated, shouting out answers and asking insightful questions. This was a testament to their curiosity and eagerness to learn, which was inspiring to take part in.
The classrooms then moved outdoors for a hands-on experiment involving solar-powered toys. SAVKAT had provided innovative gadgets for each child in both classes, comprising around 65 students. Witnessing solar power in action reinforced their understanding of the concept in the most playful way possible.
The visit to Bugbee Elementary was a success, and the response from the kids was overwhelmingly positive.
As an ongoing incentive, SAVKAT has launched “The Future Is Bright $1,000 Program”. For parents, we offer $1,000 which can go towards their kids college funds when they install solar with SAVKAT (limit one per installation).
If you are interested in learning more about solar, “The Future Is Bright $1,000 Program”, or hosting SAVKAT at your school, please fill out the contact form below… We’d love to connect!

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