Order Your Solar Online

March 31, 2021

Wait, I can order my solar online?

We have made it even easier to install solar on your home by launching an Order Now platform on our website. With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, we decided that now was the best time to give everyone a way to install renewable energy without having to schedule an in-home consult. Our online platform allows you to simply select your system and start your project. At SAVKAT we are straightforward and bring you the best price from the start.

Here’s why you should order online.

Firstly, ordering online gives you the safety of staying home and social-distancing while still being able to go solar and install renewable energy. Secondly, choosing your system online cuts out the high pressure sales tactics we all find annoying and gives you the advantage of the best price and best system, right online. You don’t need to dance with sales reps and companies to collect quotes and price match, we give you the best deal upfront. Lastly, it saves you tons of money. We provide the lowest bottom line contract price for the highest quality solar system. All of the extra costs associated with solar consults are eliminated as you complete the whole process online, saving you thousands upfront– SAVKAT customers often save upwards of $2,500 compared to competing quotes. 

What type of system am I buying?

We built our platform with a SunPower Equinox system. The SunPower Equinox System is the # 1 system in the world for efficiency, production and reliability. The system comes with the industry-leading SunPower 25-year warranty that you can read more about here. We’ve given you the advantage of saving thousands on your electricity costs by installing the most reliable solar system on the planet! As utility rates continue to rise, go solar now and start saving. 

How do I know that this system will meet my electric needs?

Follow the prompts to Order Online. We review every order in-house to make sure that the system we build you is correct. If you are unsure about what to select or you need a system larger or smaller than what is available online you can shoot us an email at orders@savkat.com.  We are here to assist you with any system size you may need.

Where can I find more information on your financing options?

Please check out our Terms and Conditions page where we explain exactly what types of financing we offer. We broke it down by type of financing: Loans, Leases, and Purchases.

What if I want a ground mounted system?

In addition to roof installations, we are experts at ground mounted installations. If you are interested in a ground mount, email us or fill out our contact form and we will quote your project.

What happens to my $97 when I click submit?

You will receive a confirmation email receipt of your order. We apply your $97 to your solar system cost, no matter which financing you choose. If your house does not meet the requirements for solar, we will refund your $97 in full. Going solar is that simple, no hassle and huge savings all at your own pace. 

Who can I call for order questions?

You can call our SAVKAT in-house office at 978-678-8057 or send us an email at orders@savkat.com and we can answer any questions you may have about going solar in general, placing on order online, or setting up a free in-home consult for the more personal touch.

Are you excited to go solar this year? Order online today!

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