picture of home containing solar panels on the roof


At SAVKAT we offer SunPower panels: the most efficient, lowest degredation, and highest quality panels available on the market.
What panels can I choose?

We carry all sizes of SunPower panels to handle any energy needs: our most popular panel choice for both finances and aesthetics is the SunPower 350W black on black. We also carry a new addition to the SunPower family: the 400W panel. This is a great high-wattage choice for residential customers with sunny smaller spaces. Look over the data sheets yourself and see how SunPower panels beat out the competition.

screenshot of SunPower document about Residential AC Module Seriesscreenshot of SunPower document about 400-425 W Residential AC Module
How big of a solar system do I need?

Check out our blog post on How big of a Solar System do I need? which explains how to read your utility bill and approximate how big of a system you will need to power your household comfortably. You can use this usage number to guide your purchase on the Order Now page where we have broken down household use into Small, Medium, and Large. If you think you need a bigger system than 12 kW, select Large and input your average monthly electric bill into the appropriate field. We can do the rest! For a more personalized quote, contact us directly by filling out our Contact Form. We can walk through your sun exposure, usage needs, and special factors with your residential or commercial project.

SunPower microinverter




Microinverters are installed on every SunPower solar panel and allow the panels to operate independently regardless of shading. With a microinverter, a panel can operate at maximum capacity and energy production at all times.

In contrast, a tradtional string inverter system has no flexibility when it comes to shading: the system is only able to perform as well as the most shaded panel and for this reason, micoinverters are the best choice when choosing a solar panel system.

roof showing 4 rows of solar panel mounts


Invisimount Racking


SunPower’s invisimount racking is a genius way of hiding all wires and making for a clean install. Once installed, no wires are visible between roof and rail.

We take pictures of every phase of the install to ensure every customer receives a top notch system.

photovoltaic system to convert radiation to electricity


Solar Sub Panel / Combiner Panel


We install a solar sub panel that has breakers for each string of solar panels on your roof. This allows the turn off each string individually for maintenance, testing, and safety. Rapid shutdown is required in a number of states and our systems are always compliant with the best saftey practices.

photovoltaic system to convert radiation to electricity


Net Meter


A net meter is installed on the side of your home in order to communicate with your utility company how much energy you are producing and how much energy you are consuming at any given point. The net meter is what keeps track of your electricity exported to the grid. You get the exported energy back for free when needed (such as at night when the sun is not shining).




SunPower EnergyLink monitoring allows you to track your solar energy from any mobile device. We install this SunPower sub-panel during your solar installation and after that, you can log in and monitor your electric production and usage.

25yr SunPower Complete Confidence badge
Would my system have a warranty?

Our warranty is simple: 25 years of the SunPower complete confidence warranty giving you peace of mind when you buy a solar system with SAVKAT.

This is the only home solar warranty on the market that covers your whole system (not just the panels): we cover removal of any defective parts including microinverters, any installation of new parts, related shipping costs, and rust damage. We never require receipts, proof of purchase, or written claims.

We also guarantee that your panels won’t lose more than 8% of their orginial DC power output in 25 years.

What mounting is available?

In addition to classic rooftop installations, we also offer custom built pergolas ground mount installations. Your particular home or building attributes will determine what mounting system is best for your project. We will do our best to make your ideas happen. This is not currently available on the Order Now page, so please fill out the contact page and check the boxes to indicate what type of mount you are looking for.

Most of our customers choose a rooftop installation for their new solar system. If you need a new roof or would like a roof quote you can fill out our contact form indicating this request. We have all necessary roofing licenses and insurances, and use only top-tier roofing products such as Owen’s Corning, CertaintTeed, and GAF.

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