SunPower with SAVKAT

At SAVKAT we offer SunPower panels: the most efficient, lowest degradation, and highest quality panels available on the market.

What panels can I choose?

We carry all sizes of SunPower panels to handle any energy needs: our most popular panel choice for both finances and aesthetics is the SunPower 350W black on black. We also carry the newest addition to the SunPower family: the 415W panel. This is currently the highest available wattage for residential customers and a great choice for sunny smaller spaces. Look over the data sheets yourself and see how SunPower panels beat out the competition.

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What mounting is available?

We are pleased to offer our customers both rooftop installations and ground mount installations. Your particular home or building attributes will determine what mounting system is best for your project.

System Components

The SunPower Equinox System is the only system on the market that is fully integrated. With SunPower, all system components are made under the same SunPower manufacturer umbrella. This means that each piece of the system is compatible, and each piece is covered by your warranty. SunPower AC panels have microinverters on the back, making each panel independent and more efficient. The Invisimount Racking is a trademark SunPower design, and allows the solar mounts and wires to be hidden beneath the panels for the most aesthetically pleasing solar system on the market today.

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How big of a solar system do I need?

Check out our blog post on How big of a Solar System do I need? which explains how to read your utility bill and approximate how big of a system you will need to power your household comfortably. There is also attached a chart that estimates monthly 20YR loan payments per system size, and although APPROXIMATE, can get you in a ballpark range for installing a SunPower system with SAVKAT. For a more personalized quote, contact us directly by filling out our form on the Contact Page. We can walk through your sun exposure, usage needs, and special factors with your residential or commercial project.