SunPower Components

In addition to using the best solar panels on the market, made by SunPower®, SAVKAT® uses top quality components, which are also covered by SunPower®’s industry leading 25-year comprehensive warranty.

Factory Installed MicroInverters

Microinverters are installed on every SunPower® solar panel and allow the panels to operate independently regardless of shading. With a microinverter, a panel can operate at maximum capacity and energy production at all times.

In contrast, a traditional string inverter system has no flexibility when it comes to shading: the system is only able to perform as well as the most shaded panel and for this reason, micro inverters are the best choice when choosing a solar panel system.

Invisimount Racking

SunPower®’s invisimount racking is a genius way of hiding all wires and making for a clean install. Once installed, no wires are visible between roof and rail.

We take pictures of every phase of the install to ensure every customer receives a top notch system.

Solar Sub Panel / Combiner Panel

We install a solar sub panel that has breakers for each string of solar panels on your roof. This allows the turn off each string individually for maintenance, testing, and safety. Rapid shutdown is required in a number of states and our systems are always compliant with the best safety practices.

Net Metering

A net meter is installed on the side of your home in order to communicate with your utility company how much energy you are producing and how much energy you are consuming at any given point. The net meter is what keeps track of your electricity exported to the grid. You get the exported energy back for free when needed (such as at night when the sun is not shining).



SunPower® EnergyLink monitoring allows you to track your solar energy from any mobile device. We install this SunPower® sub-panel during your solar installation and after that, you can log in and monitor your electric production and usage.