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Welcome to SAVKAT® Solar – where We Make Solar Simple. We believe that it should be easy to care for your family and the planet, and that’s why you get our Concierge Service throughout the solar process. We treat every customer like you are our only customer. Here’s how it works:

technician looking into camera while holding a solar panel
Step 1

Site Survey & Design

2-3 Weeks

Our first step is a site assessment. We’ll set up a visit and let you know if we need you to be home. After our assessment, we’ll design a system that meets your unique needs, and get the design ready for the needed approvals. If additional work is needed like tree removal or roofing, we will include that work in the design as well.

Step 2

Permitting & Approval

6-10 weeks
We apply for the approvals needed before we start to install your system. These could include the Homeowners’ Association architectural improvement request, utility interconnection application and the municipality permit request.
Step 3


1 day

When all your approvals are complete, your Energy Concierge contact will provide you with an installation date, introduce you to the install team and discuss what’s required to begin construction. Timing depends on project size, number of solar panels and pitch of your roof.
Step 4


1-3 weeks
After a best-in-class installation, we’ll schedule the needed inspections. These usually include a final municipality inspection and approval from your electrical utility by email or letter. The timing on this step varies by locale and utility provider.

Step 5

Activation & Closeout

1-3 weeks
Once notified of utility approval, we’ll give you instructions to turn on your system and set up monitoring. Then we’ll set up a project close out meeting with your Energy Concierge and discuss processing your rebates and tax credits! Now enjoy and tell your neighbors!


Just call us at 860-288-7557 and speak with your Energy Concierge. We will be happy to answer them. At SAVKAT® we believe that an educated Solar Energy System client is a happy Solar Energy System client.