Connecticut Energy Outreach Program

Switching to solar energy is the logical choice for Connecticut homeowners.  CT Energy Outreach was established to help homeowners learn about their options.  Traditional Power Company vs Homeowner relationships are no longer the standard and we are here to help you see those opportunities yourself. 

The traditional relationship between power company and homeowner has lost it's stronghold

Can you imagine if your Netflix bill fluctuated based on how much time you left your TV on! One month it could be $20 and another can come in at $130! That's not a realistic business model, yet your energy company does just that!

Our Vision

Create trustworthy connections with Connecticut homeowners and SAVKAT Solar's team of knowledgably energy consultants so that CT residents can make the most logical decisions for their families and lifelyhoods.

Our Mission

Our grassroots approach to networking with homeowners is a tried and true system that puts us face to face with Connecticut residents. Building that trust and understanding in person helps everyone navigate the messy world of online sales pitches and organizations.


They days of power company's rollercoaster billing systems is going they way of metered phone / cell phone bills of yesteryear. Having a preset monthly energy bill is the future and with Solar that preset amount can last up to 25 years

Our Team

The Connecticut Energy Outreach team is hand selected by SAVKAT, Inc to be knowledgeable and trustworthy representatives out in the field. These independent contractors are helping share the good news that, with solar; homeowners can control their electric bill for decades.