When Our Community Goes Solar, Our Church Wins

Up to $40,000 will be Donated to Cornerstone Church when friends go solar with SAVKAT, from this page.

$1000 Donation Per Install

$40,000 limit per year
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SAVKAT is Giving Back to Our Communities and Churches

Why We Started Our Community Booster Program

Our communities need to help each other. When we work together the rising tide lifts all ships. As a community centric company, we found it increasingly hard to keep up with donation requests from all sorts of solicitations, and having to limit our choices to just a few each year.

A Win Win Solution For Everyone

What we quickly learned, was all community programs need extra funding and monetary support to continue in their missions. With our passion for family, kids and our faith; we developed the SAVKAT Community Booster program. Now families that wish to become energy independent can get the industry standard, highest rated Solar panels available, AND upon activation, we donate $1000 to the Cornerstone Church each time. Everyone Wins.

Little girl with mother hugging outdoors at community farmers market
How Does the SAVKAT Community Booster Program Work?

The page you are on has a unique form built into it (below), just for your community.

This form tracks any new families interested in going solar with SAVKAT. 

As long as the new energy-independent family initiates their solar purchase through this page, Cornerstone Church Wins!

Solar installation is not limited to just CT residents, so share this page with as many people as possible.  I’ve provided social share buttons to help with that.

Obviously, we recommend sharing on your social media with the links below. The more we all share, the greater the chances of getting donations.  

Let’s get to at least $15,000 next year!


We are located in Bristol, but install anywhere in CT, MA, NH, NJ, PA, FL

For Cornerstone to get credit, all inquiries need to begin with this form.

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