Artificial Intelligence May Soon Require as Much Power as a Whole Nation

AI robot working in the office

A.I. saw a boom when OpenAI’s ChatGPT burst into the scene, amassing an estimated 100 million users in just two months. The technology runs on thousands of specialized computer chips behind the scenes. (that is fantastic news for NVIDIA’s shareholders) They will likely consume enormous amounts of electricity in the upcoming years. Some preliminary estimations […]

How will a Solar Eclipse affect my solar panels?

Full solar eclipse Abstract scientific background

What is an Eclipse? When the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, a solar eclipse happens, shadowing the Earth. Eclipses come in three varieties: annular, partial, and complete, each with a unique shadow play. But every eclipse has the potential to impact solar panel performance, no matter what kind. Solar panels find themselves […]

SAVKAT Wins Two Awards from the Connecticut Green Bank

SAVKAT Solar Shines Bright at Connecticut Green Bank Awards! SAVKAT Solar, was recognized as a leading solar installer in the Northeast known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. SAVKAT recently had double the reason to celebrate! At a prestigious ceremony held on March 19th in Hartford, CT, the Connecticut Green Bank awarded SAVKAT […]

More CT Electric Rate Increases for Spring 2024

Prices continue to go up.

Recently, Eversource requested a rate adjustment of $784 million, which would increase the electric rates charged by Connecticut Light & Power by about 19%. Starting on May 1, the average residential customer would pay an additional $38 per month. The smaller of Connecticut’s two regulated electric monopolies, United Illuminating Company, an Avangrid affiliate, plans to […]

Made in the USA Solar Tax Credit.

Are there any Solar Panels Made in the USA? Finding US-made solar panels eligible for the new Tax Credit can be quite challenging. The majority of solar panels are currently produced in China, or at the very least, their components are sourced from there. If you’re interested in acquiring solar panels made in America, here’s […]

Another state reduces Net Metering Benefits to consumers of rooftop solar

Electric measuring power meter for energy cost at home and office, solar cell concept.

Are electric utility commissions nationwide taking cues from California by reducing compensation for rooftop solar generation? Will Idaho be the next player in this changing landscape for the industry? In the year’s waning days, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (PUC) secretly passed a resolution to curtail net energy metering for rooftop solar. This new rulemaking […]

Will Adding Solar Panels Increase My Home’s Resell Value?

Little girl with protective helmet and reflective vest holding photovoltaics solar panel

As homeowners strive to reduce energy costs and embrace sustainable solutions, one option stands out—solar panels. However, numerous homeowners share concerns about solar panels, such as their potential impact on home value. This article delves into the potential benefits of installing solar panels in your home and examines how they may influence its overall value. […]

As Eversource seeks $634 million for storm cleanup. 2024 Rate Increase

Storm damage, tree broken after hurricane storm fallen tree after a storm.

Eversource’s $634 million storm bill serves as a stark reminder of our reliance on a vulnerable grid. Choose solar for cleaner energy, reducing reliance on traditional infrastructure and minimizing damage from extreme weather events. After enduring years of tumultuous storms, both the ones that descend from the heavens and the political storms surrounding Eversource’s electricity […]

Eversource Introduces Discount Rate for Low-Income Households


Eversource, one of the largest energy providers in Connecticut, has launched a new affordability program to help low-income households pay for their monthly energy consumption. In this blog post, we will discuss the specifics of the program and how eligible households can take advantage of it.  What is Eversource’s Discount Program? Eversource’s discount program provides […]

Eversource Proposed Increased Winter Rate: What You Need to Know in CT

partial view of girl warming up with heater in cold room

As winter approaches, energy bills tend to rise alongside the dropping temperature. This year, Eversource, Connecticut’s largest energy provider, has submitted a proposed standard winter rate for the year 2024. The proposed rate of 14.71 cents per kilowatt-hour is higher than the current summer rate of 13.82 cents per kWh. (IMPORTANT REMINDER: Their price for […]