SAVKAT® Solar Offer 6 Months Free Solar Payments In FLORIDA

April 21, 2022

Company’s latest move to help make Solar more affordable for Floridians before savings are limited by state bill HB741 

 Clearwater, FL (April 21, 2022)- SAVKAT® Solar, a SunPower® Elite Dealer based in Clearwater, today announced that it is helping to make Solar power even more affordable for Floridians by offering 6 months FREE Solar Payments when customers qualify for SunPower® financing. Customers can receive a check in the amount equal to 6 payments, when they purchase from SAVKAT®. The promotion expires on June 15, 2022. Contact SAVKAT® Solar at 727-565-0123 or for details 

The savings, combined with an urgency to go Solar before Florida State Bill HB-741 limits energy credits Solar customers can enjoy by eliminating net metering, makes this an ideal time to consider Solar power. The urgency created by the bill stems from the fact that only those who have solar panels installed by 2023 will be grandfathered in to receive full energy credits for sale of excess electricity back to the utility for the next 20 years. After that, the rates for energy sold back will be reduced by 25%, then 40% and finally 50%. 

If those incentives aren’t enough to go Solar, the promotion and the current net metering savings can be also combined with maximum federal tax incentives. Currently the federal government is offering a 26% tax credit on Solar Energy Systems and Solar Storage Systems. This tax credit is slated to drop to 22% in 2023 and then expire completely by 2024. 

“This promotion, combined with the ability for Floridians to still receive full energy credits and tax credits make this the absolute perfect time to Go Solar” said Steven Salansky, CEO of SAVKAT® Solar. “We’re ready to help consumers realize all of the savings that Solar Power delivers.” 

SAVKAT® Makes Solar Simple. The business is built on presenting Solar opportunities with integrity, answering consumer questions, and then escorting them through the Concierge Service process, where all aspects of a solar installation are handled for the customer. SAVKAT® is committed to quality, and they use only SunPower® Equinox panels, made in North America. SunPower® panels are the #1 rated solar panels in the world, with an industry leading 25-year warranty, making them the best choice for consumers. 

“An educated Solar customer is a happy Solar customer” said Salansky “that’s why we take the time to answer all our customers’ questions and do not employ the high-pressure sales tactics some other Solar companies do. We want you to feel good about your purchase decision. And once you do decide to go Solar with us, we know you’ll be happy because we use only the best products, installed by the best people.” 

About SAVKAT® Solar: 

SAVKAT® started as a family-run residential SunPower® solar panel dealer in Bristol, CT. SAVKAT® now has offices in Florida and CT. SAVKAT®’s goal is to maintain customer relationships and provide great service at every step of the solar purchase and installation process. Over the years the company has grown to include solar customers in five states. SAVKAT® has always been driven by positive customer interactions and has focused on informing and empowering smart decision-making. Working with SAVKAT®, homeowners are helped to understand their energy needs, solar savings, and the process of going solar. Throughout the installation, SAVKAT® manages all logistics, from permitting to inspections. After systems have been turned on, the company ensures 

accurate monitoring at all sites for accurate production estimates and exceeding performance expectations. SAVKAT® is proud to have a 5-star rating from its customer base. 

For more information on taking advantage of maximum savings by going Solar now and for promotional details, contact SAVKAT® at 727-565-0123 or Promotion is not valid with other offers and expires June 15, 2022. Offer is valid with SunPower® financing 0.99% 20-year loan or a SunPower® 2.9% escalator lease. Paid 8-10 weeks after permission to operate is granted. 

Media Contact:

Steve Thomas 

(203) 430-5286 

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