Do Solar Panels Have To Face A Certain Direction To Work?

December 2, 2021

The placement of solar panels is important since it affects the amount of sunlight that can be converted to electricity. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s generally best for solar panels to face south. Since the sun shines directly over the equator most of the time, solar panels oriented to the south can collect more sunlight than ones pointed in other directions. In some cases, however, having solar panels face to the south is not the best option.

Why It May Be Better To Point Your Solar Panels In A Different Direction

The orientation of your house relative to the sun can influence the placement of solar panels. It’s also essential to consider any obstructions that could reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches your house. For instance, other buildings, trees, and mountains can block sunlight and keep it from getting to the solar panels on the roof and generating electricity. Obstructions on the roof can also affect a decision regarding the direction that solar panels should face.

If something is in the way and it can’t be moved, you can still install solar panels on the roof of your house to generate electricity. You may need more panels than a house with exposure to direct sunlight, however.

It’s also important to consider local rules and regulations. Homeowners who generate more electricity than they use may be able to send unused power back to the grid and receive compensation.

In some areas, the amount of compensation depends on the time of day when the energy is generated and the demand for electricity at that time. Therefore, it may be beneficial for homeowners to have solar panels facing in a direction that will allow them to generate electricity during times of the day when they will be able to sell it back to the grid at a higher price.

Get An Estimate For Solar Panel Installation

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