Sustainable Practices To Adopt In Your Home

July 14, 2021

As the pressing reality that the world’s ecosystem need’s saving forges on, many people are stepping up their efforts to go green and change the way they do things in their home. If we want fresh air to breathe in the future and a clean water supply, the responsibility falls on citizens to protect these valuable resources.

Check out these tips for green living in your home and how going solar can pay off in many ways.

Replace Disposables

Since recycling plays such a crucial role in green practices, it’s important to find alternatives to those items that would otherwise quickly end up in landfills. Replace disposables with reusable items whenever possible. Things like food storage containers that you wash and reuse instead of throwing away styrofoam or tin containers after one use – or replacing filters and cartridges for gadgets and systems around the home with washable, reusable ones are great first steps. You’ll see many states now adopting no plastic bag rules in their stores and food chains switching to paper straws over plastic. Doing the same work at home to switch to sustainable options is critical if we want to see a positive movement forward. All of these efforts not only cut back significantly on unnecessary waste but they offer a huge impact over the long haul.

Borrow / Share With Friends

As a more responsible consumer who makes purchases only for the items you need, you may find yourself shopping at used goods stores and garage sales more often than before. In addition to a great deal, this helps the environment too. In fact, a number of no waste groups are popping up in local community pages across social media. The idea is that people located in the same neighborhood can post and share free items that are gently used but still great and working for others who may need them to come and pick up. “Freecycling” is aimed at building a more sustainable future by immediately reducing unnecessary waste and keeping items out of landfills.

Conserve Energy

One of the most important ways to transition to a more green home is to cut back on energy use. Homeowners typically like this step because it also results in reduced utility bills. Doing this with effectiveness stretches far beyond just turning off appliances in the home when not in use. Though that helps – the options to integrate smart products and green electricity – such as solar panels into the home have more tangible savings and can reduce your carbon footprint.

The goal is to convert to solar energy and move away from fossil fuel dependency and it’s already paying off for the many homeowners who have made the switch.

At SAVKAT Solar, we handle everything from the design, permitting, installations, inspections, and maintenance of solar systems for residential and commercial clients. With Solar Tax credits still available for 2021, it’s a great time to make the move.

In CT, MA, and NJ, with Net Metering in effect, it’s also advantageous as a homeowner to make the switch to solar because you can bank the production of solar energy from your home’s panels for use at a later time with the utility. So during the day when the sun is out and you are not using energy, your unused production is put out into the grid for others to share and use. When nighttime comes and you need energy, then you can draw from your banked production at the grid.

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