A Look At Solar Tech Advancements Coming Soon

July 9, 2021

Solar technology, the ability to convert sunlight into electrical energy is something we’re hearing a lot about today. Not just because it benefits our environment greatly – but because the cost to have this technology is steadily decreasing as technologies further innovate. Today, it’s not uncommon to see an entire neighborhood of homes with solar systems installed on their roof.

As these advancements and price barrier breakdowns continue, we’ll see solar energy being used in even more innovative ways in our everyday lives. Here’s a quick look at some of those advancements.

Floating Solar Farms 

Up until now, we’ve mostly seen solar systems placed atop roofs but there is so much benefit being found by producing clean solar power with systems that float on water. In addition to generating electricity panels on the water have also been found to reduce evaporation rates and reduce algae production. So solar panels are having an even greater impact on preserving the ecosystem – through electricity generation, less energy waste, and cleaner water.

Innovative Solar Skins 

While the aesthetics of solar panels have improved greatly over the years, there is still more innovation on the horizon that could help these systems to be nearly undetectable and even serve a dual purpose of helping businesses to advertise their services. New solar thin-film skins use light filtration that allows the sun to reach the solar cells while also displaying custom colors and images embedded onto the panels. Patterns that look like grass blades to camouflage the system or even roof shingles are just some of the options. For businesses, displaying custom logos and other advertisements is also a possibility with these solar skin advancements being introduced.

Solar Power Battery Technology

Currently, one of the best features of having a solar system is the ability to be credited for excess energy by a utility for further savings – if that incentive is being offered. But another technology is already taking off that allows you to store excess energy your solar panels are producing into a battery. This electricity can then later be used in an emergency or when power is not being given from the panels. These batteries will cover all of your essential loads and come in the form of a unit outside your home. For example, the energy can be used at night instead of powering with your utility – further driving down monthly expenses and helping you to achieve faster ROI for your solar system installation.

SunPower’s Sunvault system can be integrated with the SunPower Equinox system for a complete home solar solution.  It kicks in automatically if there is an outage and can power your essential appliances like your lights or your refrigerator.    Contact us today to learn more!

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