Understanding Solar Technology And Efficiency

June 29, 2021

Solar technology has come a long way, and researchers in the industry continue to make strides. Gains in the efficiency of solar panels have produced significant real-world benefits.

Here’s a closer look at just a few of those innovations.

What Is Solar Efficiency And Why Is It Important?

Solar efficiency refers to the percentage of the sun’s energy that a solar cell can convert to electricity. In recent years, some solar cells have reached or exceeded 25 percent efficiency.

When solar panels are more efficient, that means that customers can generate more electricity with fewer panels. Not only can this save homeowners money when it comes to installation since they don’t need to buy as many panels, but greater efficiency can also have aesthetic benefits. Think about it, consumers don’t have to cover their entire roof with solar panels to generate the amount of electricity they need so the curb appeal can remain intact.

Solar panels by SunPower are an extremely efficient option because they use a solid copper backing on the cells, which is different from the metal used in conventional panels that use aluminum metal paste. That means that efficiency can be increased while keeping production costs down and those savings can then be passed down to customers.

More efficient solar panels also have less of an impact on the environment since they can generate more electricity while using fewer materials. So less energy is used in production and more electricity is being generated – making it a win-win!

How Can You Take Advantage Of Solar Energy?

If you’re interested in installing a solar system at your home to generate electricity and lower your utility bills, SAVKAT Solar can help. We can handle the process from start to finish. Our team can design a system, obtain permits from your local government and electric company, help you apply for incentives, install the solar panels, schedule inspections, and perform maintenance.

To begin the process, one of our Energy Consultants can meet with you to discuss your current electricity usage, evaluate your home’s solar potential, answer your questions, and review all the options available to you.

If you choose to install a solar system, our engineering team will review data collected on-site to be sure that the panels are placed in a structurally sound location. They will consider factors such as snow loads and wind speeds and make sure that our proposal complies with all relevant building codes.

SAVKAT serves solar customers in five states in the Northeast. We have Board Certifications from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), the most respected certification organization for solar professionals in North America.

We focus on educating and empowering consumers so they can make informed decisions. SAVKAT has received a 5-star rating from customers. If you’re interested in having a solar system installed on your roof, or if you have questions, contact us today.

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