What We Do

We facilitate the process of converting to solar power for residential and commercial clients from start to finish. We handle everything including the design, permitting, installations, inspections, and maintenance.

What You Do

You pick your solar system using our online tool and submit your down payment of $97. We prepare the agreements for your review and signature, and we take care of the rest.

How does a consult with SAVKAT work?

If you prefer the personal touch, we do solar consultations in-home, over the phone, or through video chat. One of our knowledgeable Energy Consultants will meet with you and discuss your specific energy needs, explain your electric bill, and walk you through your solar proposal. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your questions. We want our customers to be informed and confident in their energy decisions.

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We take care of all of the logistics including scheduling your site survey, applying for your permits and incentives, and monitoring your system in-house after it is up and running. We start your project the day you sign with us and we keep you informed from beginning to end. Generally this process is completed within 6-8 weeks.

Electricity Usage Assessment
We use a copy of your most recent utility bill to build your agreement and finalize your design.
Design and Approval
You approve your design and solar proposal, and we start your project!
Site Survey & Permitting
We apply for your permits with your local municipality and power company.
Solar Installation
We install your solar panels and schedule the final inspections of your system.
Permission to Operate
We attend final inspections and then turn on your system.
How will you know if my roof can hold solar?

Every SAVKAT project is reviewed and signed off on by our professional engineering team prior to submitting for town permits and utility interconnection. With the data collected from an on-site survey, our engineers look over your home’s structure and guarantee that the proposed location of the solar panels is structurally sound. During this process the engineers will also run the necessary calculations of the local snow loads and wind speeds ensuring a safe and structurally sound install. The final Plan Set is compliant with all local and national updated building codes.

This Plan Set is submitted to the town in order to apply for proper permitting and documentation of your project. We also submit this document to any local incentive programs that we are applying for on your behalf. Click the image to download this sample Plan Set PDF and see how we will lay out your project.

sample project sheet


Here you can find common solar terms explained, organized by category. We update our information constantly, but if you have suggestions for new questions feel free to reach out to us at

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  • Savings: What to Expect
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