SunPower X-Series: Most Efficient Solar Panel

February 2, 2021

X-Series: What’s the big deal?

We talked a few weeks ago about the SunPower A-Series, the most cutting edge panels available in solar. Let’s switch gears and cover the most popular panel series SunPower sells: the X-Series. SolarReviews notes that when it comes to performance, the SunPower X-Series is on top of the competition in terms of design, efficiency, performance, and warranty.

Cutting-Edge Design

Like all SunPower products, the X-Series is designed and manufactured in-house under one umbrella. This increases the reliability of the system as each component is engineered to work together.

While conventional panels use an average 60-cell design, The X-series has 96 mono-crystalline Maxeon Gen 3 solar cells. The patented copper back contact cell design allows for more sunlight to reach the cells. Each panel is framed with strong 46mm, dual wall, class 1 anodized black aluminum, offering a sturdy, reliable, and attractive base for whatever may come across your roof. In addition, the panel’s overall low-profile design makes it easy on the eyes for customers that want to maintain curb appeal.

Extreme Durability

Like we mentioned, the SunPower X-Series is a beast when it comes to withstanding tough environmental conditions. The X-Series panels are certified to resist ammonia from agricultural conditions, hot and cold cycles, and salt spray. Panels can also withstand hail up to 25mm and snow loads up to 125 psf (that’s a lot of snow!). You can read more about their ability to withstand weather in our Preparing Your Solar Panels for Storm Season blog.

Highest Efficiency

SunPower quotes a 22.8% efficiency rating for their X-Series, the highest efficiency rating for solar panels you will find anywhere. What does it mean? Efficiency has to do with the amount of power your system can produce. More efficient panels produce more energy using a smaller amount of space. With a SunPower panel you are efficiently utilizing your available space and sun exposure.

Exceptional Performance

What is panel degradation? Solar panel degradation refers to the level of performance the panel will deliver over time. As with anything, performance capabilities decrease with age. The SunPower X-series has a degradation rate of 0.25% per annum after the first year: this is the lowest degradation rate in the industry. SunPower quotes an impressive 8% loss in performance over 25 years (most other panels are nowhere near that, and you can expect to see your conventional performance tank after 10 years). In 25 years you will still produce plenty of energy to power your household needs!

Best Warranty Available

Here’s the clincher! SunPower’s warranty covers both hardware and performance for 25 years. This warranty is the longest on the market and includes parts, labor and shipping, as well as promised energy output.


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