SAVKAT Solar Accepts Award From Connecticut Green Bank

April 26, 2023

Bristol, Connecticut – April 24th, 2023

SAVKAT Solar is honored to have received the “2022 Energy Storage Solutions Early Adopter Award”, presented by Connecticut Green Bank. The Energy Storage Solutions is a program that incentivizes Eversource and UI customers to install batteries in their homes and businesses, helping customers across Connecticut be more secure in the face of our changing climate.
PURA oversees the program, which is administered by the Green Bank, Eversource and UI. This year, Green bank honors some of the first to have projects installed and dispaching as part of the program.

The Connecticut Green Bank recognized SAVKAT as an early adopter for installing battery storage in a residential home. Battery systems can help homeowners be more prepared when storms are on the horizon, providing a backup power source when the grid goes down. The result is lights are kept on and essential appliances remain running. Pairing batteries with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems ensures that homeowners not only have access to power during outages, but also recharge when the sun comes out.

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