Steven Salansky

Steve Salansky is the founder and CEO of SAVKAT. Steve’s record of business building coupled with his hands-on approach have led to him driving SAVKAT’s growth to its current rank as SunPower’s Top 7 Dealer out of 850+ dealers nationwide. Steve’s 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in scaling construction, home improvement and real estate businesses […]

Liz Karnuk

Liz Karnuk is the Chief Operating Officer at SAVKAT Solar, a role that reflects her passion for renewable technologies and her expertise in scaling companies. With a decade of experience at North Star Recycling, Liz has honed her skills in client management and operational excellence. Her visionary leadership and dedication to sustainability have been instrumental […]

Ben Burnett

Ben Burnett, a seasoned solar industry expert with over a decade of experience, serves as the General Manager at SAVKAT Solar. His detail-oriented approach and extensive industry knowledge drive the operational aspects, planning, and installations at SAVKAT, ensuring excellence in every project. With a background in solar sales, Ben understands the customer’s perspective, making customer […]

Jerome Braga

Jerome is an experienced and innovative marketing creative who excels in all aspects of content creation and digital marketing. Drawing from his extensive background in professional photography and video creation, Jerome has a deep understanding of how to help our brand convey its message through powerful visuals. As an avid explorer, Jerome embraces life’s greatest […]

Dawn Pettit

Dawn is the Financial Controller at SAVKAT, where she manages the accounting department and oversees all financial transactions. She has over 25 years of accounting experience in various industries with a focus in the construction industry. She has a MBA, BS in Accounting and a BS in Human Resources from Bellevue University. She is a […]