SAVKAT Related Services
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Occasionally when a Solar Energy System is being installed, in order to perform the installation safely and properly, additional related work is needed. This is identified during the site inspection and could include: Electrical Upgrades, Tree Removal, Roofing Replacement or Repair, Structural Upgrades, Trenching etc. If additional work is required, SAVKAT® can handle all of it. We will provide a plan that also includes this work, and discuss financing options that include the additional work as well as your Solar Energy System installation. We are one stop shopping because We Make Solar Simple!


SAVKAT® Can handle arranging for tree removal, if required, through our network of trusted tree removal partners.


Sometimes it does not make sense to install a new Solar Energy system on a deteriorated or worn-out roof. Many homeowners find it easy and convenient to replace their roof when having their Solar Energy System installed, and SAVKAT® can handle both through our network of roofing partners.


SAVKAT® can perform special work required as part of your Solar Energy installation, including digging trenching for electrical conduit over a distance.


During your site survey, our Survey Concierge will alert you to any required electrical service upgrades needed to support a solar energy system. SAVKAT® electricians will perform all the work if needed.  The survey will also confirm that your roof is strong enough to hold a solar energy system. If reinforcing your roof is needed, SAVKAT® can handle it!


SAVKAT® has a full team of installation professionals on hand who are able to remove and reinstall solar energy panels on systems of any make, if needed. So, even if we did not do the original installation, if you have Solar, but need a roof repair or replacement, or are having an addition put on your home, give us a call! We’ll carefully remove your panels and place them for storage on your property where you designate. We can return to reinstall them once the underlying work is completed- quickly and professionally. Contact us for details.