A partnership that is perfect for charities, unions, churches, school boosters, memberships & municipalities.


SAVKAT provides special member rebates for each member who goes solar with us.  They also receive an exclusive TIER 1 rebate and benefits for their bank account and taxes.


Value-added membership benefit, PLUS a direct donation to your organization or organization’s charity.  The more members that go solar, the more your org/charity gets.


Going solar saves natural resources, while energy independence reduces the need for fuel-fired energy plants.  Your organization gets the recognition of helping the environment.


Obviously, we continue to sell solar to families and our business grows, but we continue to be a catalyst of change in our communities through our giveback program to each organization.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

WHy and HOW?

Our “Partnership With Purpose” plan offers a distinctive opportunity for organizations involved with SAVKAT to earn tens of thousands of dollars per year. At the same time, it helps members save money on their energy costs. This unique program combines financial benefits with energy savings, benefiting everyone involved.

As a community-oriented company, we are committed to providing our children, families, and seniors with the environment they need to flourish and lead meaningful lives.
Group of Children Blowing Party Horns
Solar power enables community members to achieve energy independence and we have always wanted to make this dream a reality for everyone in our community. Over the years, we have provided financial support to numerous organizations, actively contributing to their causes.
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Keeping up with donations to local sports teams, religious organizations, clubs, unions, and various social programs had become quite challenging, and promoted the birth of our "Partnership With Purpose" mission.
Outdoor sports and yoga

How we support our partner plan

Our  capable marketing team can help create co-branded materials to help spread the word.

Custom Flyers

We can create custom flyers for your organization to help promote our collaborative mission and goals. 

Unique Website

To help track all community members in their solar journey; we build out custom landing pages with specialized forms tailored just for our collaboration. 

Custom QR Code

We can create custom QR codes for your union or group.  In the past we've  even gotten them created as stickers to help promote our collaborative mission and goals. 

A Win Win Solution For Everyone

We Make Solar Simple. We help set up your membership with plenty of opportunities to spread the word. We do ask that you periodically share our collaboration on your media outlets, via email, social, or traditional methods. We create a unique form and website landing page for your community to request information about going solar with SAVKAT. We track each person through that form and then through the installation process. When their home has officially gone solar, we pay the rebate and/or donation to the member or orgainzation.

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