SAVKAT SOLAR Named Winner Of 2023 “Great Employers In Connecticut” Award

February 28, 2023

Bristol, Connecticut – February 22, 2023. The Best Companies Group, a renowned workplace excellence research firm, has recently announced the winners of the “Great Employers in Connecticut” award. This award recognizes companies in Connecticut that have created outstanding workplace environments, based on employee feedback, company policies, and overall satisfaction. SAVKAT® INC (SAVKAT® SOLAR) has been placed on the award list for the first time.

The honorees of this prestigious award were selected from a pool of highly competitive companies, and they have demonstrated exceptional commitment to creating a positive work culture for their employees. The winners of the “Great Employers in Connecticut” award are as follows in order of excellence:

  1. Consigli Construction Co., Inc
  2. Charles IT
  3. INDUS Realty Trust, Inc.
  4. Parents’ Foundation for Transitional Living
  5. The Lockwood Group

The Best Companies Group evaluated the companies’ workplace practices, policies, and culture based on a rigorous assessment process. The assessment included a comprehensive survey of employees, which measured various aspects of workplace culture, including work-life balance, professional development, and job satisfaction. The assessment also evaluated each company’s benefits and policies, as well as their commitment to community involvement and sustainability.

“We are thrilled to recognize these outstanding companies for their commitment to creating exceptional workplace environments,” said Jaime Raul Zepeda, Executive Vice President of the Best Companies Group. “These organizations have gone above and beyond to foster a positive culture for their employees, and we are proud to honor them with the ‘Great Employers in Connecticut’ award.”

“We are really happy to be named one of the Great Employers in Connecticut” said Steven Salansky, Founder and CEO of SAVKAT® INC, “this recognizes the hard work we all put in to make our work environment a place of positive energy and growth. We are expanding rapidly, and we want people to know that this is a great place to work, because we will be adding a lot of team members over the next year.”

The Best Companies Group’s mission is to identify and recognize the best employers in each state and country, promoting and encouraging outstanding workplace environments. They continue to develop and refine their assessment methodology to ensure that each award winner truly deserves recognition for their exceptional efforts.


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