A Portable SunPower EcoFlow System

June 28, 2019

About six million generators and power supply sources are sold worldwide each year. Many travelers and off-grid enthusiasts rely on generators or other types of power supplies for continued long-term use. However, generators come with noise and smell, as well as difficult charging requirements and small power supply. SunPower has partnered with EcoFlow to produce a portable solar charging system providing customers with an efficient and green solution for portable power. They have put together two pieces purchased as a bundle: The RIVER portable power station (EcoFlow) and the Flex panel (SunPower).

RIVER Portable Power Station

The EcoFlow RIVER portable power station is exactly what it sounds like: a mobile station to power devices. It is small and lightweight, weighing in at 11 pounds. The 412W power supply can charge in 5-9 hours of direct sunlight can power 11 devices at one time! That’s nearly 36% faster than conventional power stations. In addition to the capacity, the display is easy to read even in bright daylight, and the exterior is water-resistant. The battery holds its charge for up to a year.

SunPower Flex Panel

The 110W panel looks like a classic SunPower residential panel only thinner, smaller, and more flexible. It is constructed with silicon and top-grade lightweight polymer materials and weighs in at less than 5 pounds.  This is a great panel size for frequent transport and installation. It can bend up to 30 degrees, making it perfect for placing on the side of your tent, on top of your car, or in your boat. It comes with suction cups that attach to the edges of the panel, so you can be confident that it will not blow away when in use!

Used together, the RIVER and the SunPower Flex panel beat out market competition for the most power, fastest charge, and lightest weight, the most important factors when planning an off-grid trip.

The Energy Bundle

In addition to the Flex Panel and the portable charging station, the bundle comes with the Element proof case, the solar adapter, wall charger, car charger, USB-C cable, DC cable, and DC tips. The case has internal zippers for cards and other storage, as well as side handles and a cross-body strap.

“We wanted a sleek, consumer-friendly energy storage solution to pair with our flexible panels that would be easy for anyone to use,” said Mike Tonsing, Senior Director of Product Marketing at SunPower. “The plug-and-play EcoFlow|SunPower Energy Bundle makes it easy for anyone to get power at the touch of a button — anywhere.” SunPower supports innovative green energy solutions and this collaboration with EcoFlow continues to push the industry forward towards cleaner energy. This bundle is a choice that you can rely on and feel good about for all of your future adventures.

You can purchase your bundle at EcoFlow directly: https://store.ecoflow.com/products/ecoflowsunpowerbundle

Maybe you’re not looking for an alternative power source for camping, but are you ready to take your home solar? To find out how you can go solar and become less energy dependent, request a free quote from us at SAVKAT Solar.

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