Consumers Are Furious About 2023 Utility Increases, Looking For Alternatives

February 3, 2023

Bristol, CT- February 1, 2023

SAVKAT® Solar today announced a second option to help Connecticut consumers go Solar during these difficult economic times. Many consumers are now feeling the real impact of the utility rate increases passed through from Eversource and United Illuminating, as outlined below:

These increases will affect Connecticut customers of Eversource and United Illuminating who have their electricity supplied directly from Eversource or UI, as opposed to from a third-party supplier and the average impact is as follows:

  • The average Eversource residential customer using 700 kWh per month by increasing a monthly bill by approximately $84.85.
  •  The average United Illuminating residential customer using 700 kWh per month by increasing a
    monthly bill by approximately $79.24.

As consumers begin to feel the practical impact of these rate hikes, which are compounding inflationary trends in the rest of the economy and the oil market, they are seeking alternative ways of generating renewable energy, including Solar.

SAVKAT® Solar is ready to help consumers understand the benefits Solar Energy can offer. The company has some of the most competitive Lease and Loan programs in the Solar industry. That, combined with SAVKAT®’s commitment to superior customer service, makes Solar a very attractive choice right now.

“We want to help CT consumers take back control of their energy costs by educating them on the benefits of going Solar today”, said Steven Salansky. SAVKAT® uses an education first sales approach, as opposed to high pressure tactics. “We feel an educated Solar customer, is a happy Solar customer.” said Salansky.

SAVKAT® will develop a customized Solar Energy plan for each customer, based on their needs and the configuration of their home. In addition to the savings going solar can deliver on monthly energy costs, customers may also qualify for the new 30% Federal Tax Credit and state incentives. Consult your tax professional regarding qualification for these incentives.


  • Family owned, and locally operated in Bristol, CT.
  • A SunPower® Elite Dealer. SunPower® is the best Solar panel on the market, made in North America and backed by a 25-year comprehensive warranty.
  • A company that uses no high-pressure sales tactics, but rather educates its customers.
  • True one-stop shopping. If a roof or tree removal is needed, SAVKAT® can manage all of that for you.
  • A company with big company buying power, but small company attention to detail, so our installation times are quick.

The time has never been better to go Solar and reduce the impact of these utility rate hikes. Contact SAVKAT® for more information at (978) 678-8057 or

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