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SunVault Storage System

40% more power

  • Runs more appliances at the same time during an outage
  • Handles power surges from large appliances beautifully
  • Can back up entire home for a limited time period

6.8 kW Nominal
8.5 kW Peak

TESLA Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

5.0 kW Nominal
7.0 kW Peak

Runs more appliances

  • Has nearly 2X the power to run small appliances during an outage
  • Powers appliances of all sizes without causing a brownout

Up to 4.8 kW for each phase, totaling 6.8 kW

Tesla Powerwall

Only 2.5 kW for each phase

Hub+™ smart panel

  • Intelligently connected to provide real-time visibility into home energy use, solar, and storage
  • Oversees battery operation and sends real-time insights to phone
  • Makes it easy to electrically connect in any home
Rated for main service panel Fully integrated main panel to have fewer boxes Supports utility metering and AC disconnects

Tesla Powerwall

Needs many electrical boxes and parts to meet typical electrical code requirements

One app does it all

  • Enjoy total control of your solar and storage systems with mySunPower™ app
  • Check system performance, make real-time adjustments and manage your settings with ease

One smart, intuitive app for everything

Tesla Powerwall

Multiple apps to manage

Elegantly simple design

  • Minimalist style, no ugly clutter of additional boxes
  • All components designed, engineered and specified by SunPower to work exclusively with SunPower Equinox® Solar products

Just 2-3 attractive components
Fast installation

Tesla Powerwall

Up to 5 components

SunPower warranties cover everything

  • Solar and storage both covered by SunPower
  • Runs cooler than typical storage for longer life
  • Unique LFP battery chemistry means greater reliability and stability in challenging conditions
Storage, solar, inverter, racking all covered by SunPower 70% of rated energy over 10 years 38MWh of energy through-put

Tesla Powerwall

Multiple companies and warranties 70% of rated energy over 10 years 37.8 MWh of energy through-put