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picture of home containing solar panels on the roof
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“I was referred by my neighbor and I am very please with the professionalism and workmanship of the Savkat Crew. They really did a fantastic job! I am impressed with the design and very happy with my system. If you’re looking for a solid company Savkat is it.”
Victor Consaga
“Hi my name is Dan, I'm a retired Mechanical Contractor and I did extensive research on different manufacturers of solar systems before opting for a SunPowers (400 watt panel) 9.2 KW system solar system. This system was installed by Savkat Solar at a cost of $23,097.00 after incentives and was installed in one day. This was an AC system~vs~a DC system which was exactly what I was looking for. I'm very happy with the installation quality and professionalism of this company. I would highly recommend Savkat Solar of Farmington CT. and SunPower solar systems as an excellent choice. You'll find the owner Steve Salansky very knowledgeable about SunPowers various systems.”
Dan Bellini
“I had an excellent experience with SAVKAT Solar. The needs assessment, design, and project proposal were efficient and informative. They took care of all the permits and interacted with Eversource to obtain our permission to operate very quickly. I especially appreciated the continuous update by the project manager as each milestone was achieved and next steps and timing were elaborated. All of their staff and installers were professional, respectful, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to family and friends.”
Mr. M
“Steve was great and not pushy! I loved working with him! And the total service was seamless. Paul is great. And the crew that came to install our panels and the electrical panels were fantastic. Eric and Chris were great. So, I am very pleased with the service and watching the website usage is fun! And my neighbors just signed up for a system. Yeah!”
Marie Dupree
“I chose SAVKAT because they have a proven track record of being the best. The people I dealt with were professional, reliable and did what they said they were going to do.”
Dana Austin
“SAVKAT Solar installed a 10.8 kW (27 Panels) SunPower system on the roof of my garage. Through out the entire process, SAVKAT members were professional and very helpful. They took care of the entire process, from town permits to working with Eversource. I highly recommend this company for your solar installation.”
Taylor Wrye
“Savkat Solar was Great! The people are very professional and did a great job from start to finish. I originally signed with a company from California and they never returned my phone calls, they sent me a design with panels on my north roof and I realized they weren't being upfront so I canceled them. Savkat Solar was referred to me by an inspector and they were upfront, less money and only proposed to me what I needed. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a solid company to deal with.”
David Ballerini
“They spent the time with me and helped me to understand the panels and the process and I liked their great reviews.”
Maurice Goldberg
“I had solar panels installed on my house last year. It is so awesome, it is better than i though it would be. We love it so much. Steve the guy who did our house was great. He was true to his word every step of the way. He was always available to answer any questions we had.”
Sandra Etheredge
“Educated me for informed decision, superior product, very competitive pricing, and best of all, the process for installation, approvals and finances were exactly as promised. Follow-through and follow-up was outstanding. A year after install and very pleased. Production as projected, and install was very professional and timely. Tax savings made this a profitable choice while reducing my carbon footprint. Can't wait for affordable, long lasting batteries so I can get off the grid someday!”
Michael Davis
“My salesperson was very accommodating and knowledgable. We had no problems, and was with us through out the whole process. It was smooth and went very well. I give them 1000%”
Nancy Pecorelli
“Very happy with the job, He deliver as he promised.”
Antoine Goulaman
“Great company to work with”
Chris Yanaros
“Steve delivered on his promises - we are exporting energy to the grid on our first week of going solar. Savkat has the best quality panels and excellent customer service.”
Donna Bellone
“An excellent presentation very professional and accurate. The efficiency and quality of the system.”
Tom Smith
“Savkat Solar was super efficient and the project was done very neatly and on time. Salesperson was very knowledgeable and was able to give me a baseline price on the system unlike the other two companies I had out. He listened to my question and provided what I needed. They also respond quickly all queries very quickly. I also had them install snow guards and they did a very professional job.”
Jim Scofield
“My wife and I chose Savkat Solar because they were responsive to our needs, they were informative an concise with there presentation and sales process. The installation was neat, crew was polite and the they even did a little extra when I asked them to fix a leader pipe for my gutter and they said no problem and did it. Overall we had a great experience and we are happy with the Sunpower panels because of their highest rating and Savkat was easy to work with.”
Greg Margaitis
“SavKat is the best solar company I could find. SavKat had the fastest response and most thorough presentation out of all that I shopped. In addition, they offered me the best solar panel I could find. If you are considering solar, consider SavKat for your choice.”
“Explained everything correctly. It was very easy to understand. Great work.”
Edwin Zacharias
“Professional and cost effective. Steve was always available throughout the process and delivered a beautiful efficient product.”
John Wiley
“I chose Steve from Savkat Solar because he's the real deal from sales to installation he walked me through the whole process !! Everything I asked him to do he did from making sure everything was neatly done on my roof, in my attic, and on the side of the house !! Very impressed ..I would highly recommend Savkat to anyone without hesitation!! Thanks Steve !!!”
Donald Vallancourt
“Main reason is Steve Salansky was the most knowledgeable and honest person I've met in the solar industry . His company and honesty surpass all others. The system Steve recommended is producing with outstanding results, it really exceeded all my expectations.”
Joseph M. Langdon
“Steve was very pleasant and patient and knowledgeable with my many questions.”
Elizabeth Manuele
“Steve and Maddie were the best to work with to complete my solar project. Very quick to respond to my questions and issues before, during and after my installation.”
Steve Chmura
“Steve and Maddie are the best made the whole process quick and easy. There was no pressure to sign unlike most other companies. I would HIGHLY recommend Savkat Solar to anyone!!”
Shane Bartlett
“Savkat was efficient and the job looks great!”
Farmington Farm Truck
“Steven and his crew did a wonderful job installing the solar panels and it was done quickly and efficiently. They were very helpful with all of my questions and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”
Sunil Abraham
“No matter who I talked to there at Savkat, they were always kind and informative. That’s hard to come by here in Connecticut.”

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