March Insanity Deal: Go Solar with Savkat!

home using solar panels installed on the roof

There are so many reasons to go solar and homeowners and businesses across the state are already making the move as cost savings and green benefits become critical. We talk a lot here on the blog about all the reasons why going solar makes sense. How you can save on your energy spending and how solar can help our precious ecosystem. 

While all of this is important for understanding the power of solar, there’s one thing we can’t stop thinking about – especially now with inflation happening and uncertain economic times. That going solar is a smart investment and it is also in reach when you shop with the right company!

But if that’s not a great reason to finally make the move to solar, we’ve sweetened the deal for the month of March. As part of all the March deals happening everywhere – we’ve launched a March Insanity campaign and we’re offering 6 months worth of payments back on a Visa reward card when you go solar with us and sign up for SunPower financing! You read that right – you’ll get a reward card with enough to cover 6 months worth of payments! Once you qualify for the deal (see terms and conditions in the flier below). 

Don’t miss this deal! Offer expires March 31!

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