The SunPower App: What is my solar system doing right now?

SunPower is the first to release a smartphone app that shows customers their solar system energy and usage. The user friendly app displays information about current generating capacity, current production, usage and the net difference between the current production and usage. All sorts of charts and graphs make it easy for homeowners to tell exactly what their solar system is doing at any point in time.

At SAVKAT, we monitor every system that we install daily in-office to evaluate desired performance. However, we value transparency with our customers and encourage them to sign up for the SunPower app as soon as they install their system with us. Many homeowners find this granular data of their systems to be both intriguing and valuable, as it can be fun to see what your system is doing on a sunny day and see how much electricity you are using. Here we wanted to highlight some of the cool features that our customers enjoy using.


1. The Solar Dashboard

On the Dashboard view, the homeowner can see a big picture (literally) of the energy consumed and generated, in detail. They can view the energy generated compared to the energy used,  energy sent to the grid and energy used from the grid. Higher-level graphics show the net energy produced and the credits available on the grid. There is even a section that estimates the electric bill savings: this calculation is based on the amount of energy produced by the solar system and the amount of energy used by the home.


2. Monitoring Away from the Home

Keeping track of daily production and daily usage also helps when you are traveling away from your home. Using the App, homeowners are able to spot potential issues with their system if production is suddenly reduced or if unusual usage increases. The data provided also allows users to dial in their energy consumption so that their homes can become more efficient and less dependent on the power utilities.


3. Alerts and Reports

In the event a system alert has been recorded, SAVKAT receives a notice and we can see it through our monitoring sites. With the App, the homeowner will be sent the alert and can click for more information. They can even troubleshoot independently by following the provided instructions. The system also sends messages from SunPower corporate regarding important updates to their system and software. The App can also send recurring reports to the homeowner based on that can be customized to the desired criteria. The homeowner simply chooses the day of the month to receive the report and selects the email address where to receive it – great for people that want to check in with their system periodically to see how it is performing.


4. Environmental Savings

Another feature of the monitoring system is being able to check your Environmental Savings: what would my carbon footprint be if I was not using solar? Customers can compare the energy that has been produced by the solar system with the equivalent emissions prevented, a great way to see the immediate value of installing your solar system.


Are you ready? To find out how you can go solar and become less energy dependent, request a free quote from us at SAVKAT Solar. Still have more questions? Check out our Solar 101 page or our FAQ page. If that still leaves you unsure, we are happy to answer any other questions by giving us a call at 800-860-6932.


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